A Vermont tradition – an April snowstorm

We had another spring snowstorm here in Vermont. It began early Tuesday morning and as of Wednesday morning, it’s still coming down hard. I have 6 inches at my house in Essex Junction, with up to 18 inches being reported around the area and in the mountains. I spent part of my day at UVM wandering the campus and trying to juxtapose the snow with signs of spring. To view more images, visit the Medical Photography website.

The Proctor Maple Research Center, UVM’s very own sugar house, sponsored a Sugar on Snow party on Tuesday in front of the Bailey Howe Library. A fitting spring event considering the weather!

Cherry blossoms and snow on UVM’s central campus.

Some sad news for my family. The heavy, wet snow collapsed 6 key limbs and the upper portion of the trunk on the pear tree in our front yard. This tree was planted about 4 years ago in memory of my wife’s mother, and we were thrilled this spring with how it has grown. I’m not sure how we will prune it and how it will regain it’s shape.

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Raj Chawla - May 3, 2010 - 8:45 pm

Hey guys, thanks for the nice comments. Such a shame about the trees, but spring is (finally) here now, though I heard something on Eye on the Sky about snow again Sunday????

daria bishop - May 2, 2010 - 1:32 pm

Those giant pink blossoms in snow are beautiful!If it wasn’t so damaging I would have enjoyed it more, but some of our favorite trees couldn’t handle the weight of the snow. 🙁 You did a nice job of capturing the UVM scene that day.

Andre de Saint Phalle - April 28, 2010 - 1:33 pm

Great photos Raj! I love all the flowers, so colorful! My wife took s few here in Johnson that have decidedly more wintry look and feel to them, after all, we got over a foot! The pear tree will come back in due course. We have a white birch in our yard that somehow ended up with twin trunks (about the height of your pear tree) and the larger one snapped off in the storm last night, leaving the thinner one all alone…

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