9/11/01 – Never Forget

I was driving home from a photo assignment this morning, and I noticed that my village’s volunteer fire department had placed their ladder truck in front of their station with a memorial to those who lost their lives nine years ago on September 11, 2001.

I remember trying to decide if I would go to work at The Burlington Free Press that morning, nine years ago, as my second daughter was due on 9/11. The decision was made for me when my pager went off shortly after the second plane hit the towers. I left in a hurry and told my unborn daughter that she was not allowed to come out that day. She must have listened as she was 11 days late.

Take a look at some of the following material related to 9/11 and the years after. I’ll post more as it appears online.

MSNBC has an interesting section on their website regarding the news of the day and a nice time-lapse from work on the memorial at ground zero in New York City.

Take a look at the New York Times photo blog LENS

And read the blog entries of a local photographer who was there covering the events in New York City, and who is now reporting from Afghanistan for the Burlington Free Press, Ryan Mercer.

Most of all, never forget.

Members of the Essex Junction Volunteer Fire Department stop to reflect in front of a memorial to the events of September 11, 2001.

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