An evening of photography in Rockport, Me.

After a long  day of looking at photography, talking about photography and photographers, the ethics and issues around making photographs of patients and their caregivers, and a pair of presentations by two amazing photographers, what do I do? Grab my gear and head out to make more photographs. What else?

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There was a full moon on the eve of the last day of summer and I went to the public docks in Rockport, Maine to play.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a photojournalist who traveled the world in a sailboat, living in marinas. Part of that dream came true, and there is still time for the sailboat. One of this evening’s presentations was by Bridget Besaw. She travels the world working as a conservation photojournalist, with clients such as The Nature Conservancy. She lives out of a camper when she’s working, not quite a sailboat, but it works.

I do not tend to photograph landscapes and nature, I prefer to photograph people. So when presented by a landscape and there aren’t any people around, I have to volunteer.

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