An Updated Portfolio of my Medical Photography Work

I have a very cool job. I get to meet new people everyday and learn a little or a lot about them. I’m invited into their homes, their hospital rooms and their lives. I get to see people at their best and their worst. And I get to photograph them at the same time.

People always ask me what I photograph as a “medical photographer.” Take a look at this slideshow and you’ll see the past year of so from the University of Vermont College of Medicine.

Portfolio – Images by Raj Chawla

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John from Macro Photography For All - December 17, 2011 - 7:23 pm

Raj, your photographs show a lot of heart, as well as being technically “clean”. You obviously bring a lot of skill and humanity to your work.

I’m an ophthalmic photographer, which is a narrow niche within medical photography. Like you, I deal with people in discouraging situations, and have to coax cooperation out of them as they undergo difficult procedures.

Keep up the good work!

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