2012 in Medical Photography

In addition to my work as a wedding, portrait and news photographer, I run a studio at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. I photograph our 450 medical students in all aspects of their training, in addition to the work of the nurses, residents and doctors of our partner hospital, Fletcher Allen Health Care. The College of Medicine is also a leader in several research fields.

Last year was a particularly fun year.  I was able to visit our West Palm Beach, FL and Danbury, CT training sites, and I was featured for an Across the Fence episode on our CBS affiliate WCAX-TV as well as a feature story on medical photography later in the year.

A second-year medical student performs a preliminary examination in a Georgia, Vermont pediatric office.

We partner with hospitals in different areas of the country so that our medical students will be exposed to a diverse population and disease set. The photographs below are from St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

A medical student participates in an endoscopic surgery at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

We have a clinical simulation laboratory featuring clinical exam and procedure rooms as well as computerized mannequins and a fully-function operating room. Medical students learn about taking a biopsy with a surgeon (above) and a nurse works on her patient skills with a standardized patient / actor (below).

The curriculum has the first-year medical students working with doctors throughout Vermont for several weeks as they transition into the clinical portion of their education. (below)

In April,  photographer Joe Carroll and reporter Gina Bullard of WCAX-TV contacted me about producing a story on medical photography. We visited the operating room of Dr. Bruce Leavitt and his team as he performed a valve replacement on a north country farmer’s heart. I photograph about two dozen surgeries each year, documenting unusual medical cases and the work of the surgical teams and training of our medical students.  The video is below and photographs from the surgery can be found here.

Portraits. I take a lot of portraits. Cardiologist (above) and cancer researcher (below.)

Cardiothoracic surgeon (above) and medical student. (below)

Cancer doctor and researcher (above) and research technician (below).

This is a beautiful Carl Zeiss microscope owned by Dr. John Brooks Wheeler of Burlington. Classroom time (above) and disability awareness training for medical students (below.) The goggles the student is wearing mimic a detached retina. Medical school brings many award ceremonies and rituals. In March of the fourth year, students learn where they will work as residents following graduation. The assignments or matches are made by a computer following months of grueling interviews at hospitals the students hopes to match with. The anticipation and stress is overwhelming as many students have spouses and families that will have to move, sometimes across the country, in three months. At noon on March 16, medical students around the country receive the news. At UVM, students gather as envelopes are pulled at random. The student has the option of opening the envelope at a podium in front of their class and announcing which hospital they have matched with.

A resident and former UVM medical student visits a local nursing home as part of her work at a family medicine outpatient clinic.Second-year medical students hold a free health clinic in a local community center as part of their public health training. Our area has seen a huge influx of immigrants from around the world. The gentleman at left is from Bhutan.

One of the best parts of my trip to West Palm Beach – sunrise on Juno Beach.

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